Our fees are based on the needs of your clinic.  After the initial consultation we will put together a plan for follow up.   The plan will include dates and times for calls and support.   Usually calls are weekly and support provided each business day to transform the clinic as quickly as possible.

An example is Clinic A calls us and want to grow their clinic.  Currently they have a few issues that are stopping them from moving ahead.  They need help to clean up the current issues and redefine the focus going forward.

We set up a call plan that included twice a week calls for 15 minutes each call.  We had follow up communication with the client and staff via text and email in between calls to clarify what needed to be done and provide support.

We expect that we will need to spend twice the amount of time on support that we do on the phone during the calls.    So for Clinic A we had 30 minutes a week of service plus another 30 of support during the week.

Also during the first 3 months we worked with the doctor and staff to define and expand their mission and vision.  At the 3 month mark we had all the issues that were interfering with growth cleared up and put in place systems to act on the expanded vision and mission.

The next 3 months we continued to work with the clinic to troubleshoot systems for growth.  During this time we continued our calls twice a week with support in between calls.

At the 6 month mark the systems were in place and we then needed to help with growth and maintenance.  We cut back the calls to once a week for the next 6 months.

This was an average call and support schedule for a clinic in their first year of service.  The calls were billed at $156.23 per call which included support.  For the first 6 months the calls were twice a week.   The total for the calls were $312.46 per week.  Then for the next 6 months the calls continued with support at $156.23 per week.

At the end of the year the doctor and clinic spent $12,185.94 on our service but they were able to increase their billings $25,000 over the course of the year.  The clinic and staff were much happier with their clinic environment, their patients had better results in the clinic, and their clinic’s community was much better served by the doctor and staff.   They were proud of their accomplishments and there was even some room for year end bonuses!


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