Our fees are based on how much service we provide to your clinic. We offer consulting, recruiting, and supplies to clinics.

When we have a new client for consulting we spend a few sessions getting to know them, their core values, and their mission and vision.

Then we will set up a schedule to talk weekly to the group or individually to staff members. Based on the Core Values of the clinic and what the clinic would like to accomplish in their community we set goals. We design systems in the clinic to provide the best care to patients and to reach out to new patients.

As the calls and weeks progress the Powerpoint slides evolve. I like to refer back to previous slides at times as a foundation for the work we are in the moment. Sometimes the Powerpoint can grow to over 100 slides with the numerous topics we cover in the clinic.

We use Zoom, Excel, Google Sheets, Word, and Docs to track the work we do in the clinic. By sharing these documents both the coach and the people involved can collaborate to get tasks done quickly and efficiently to reach goals in a timely manner.

The cost depends on the time the session takes. Longer sessions cost $312.46 and shorter ones $156.23. In between sessions I encourage staff to email or text me depending on the topic we are working on and the depth of understanding by the staff members. The fee fee includes the call and support.

Frequently we re-assess how far we have come and reset the goals. We use a 6 week average for new patient, patient visit, and collections to track the trends in the clinic. We also like to set monthly goals and achieve them.

I believe that the benefit should outweigh the cost. In a year if you spent $15,000 on consulting but your net profit increased by $30,000 that would be worth it. We expect the return on your investment to be 2:1.

We also offer in house clinic visits. The cost for the visit depends on your location, travel costs and the time we spend at your location.

Please call us today to set up your first call at 250-486-0062 or click the button below to schedule your first consultation.

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