Corporate Partners

Thank you for your interest in True North Practice Management Corporate Partnership Program. Our mission is to provide our professional client base with the opportunity to connect and communicate with vendors and suppliers that will provide the best service and products to our clients through our Preferred Partner Program.

Corporate Sponsor 12 month contract

Business card size ad on True North website and write up about products with links to your website

This ad would be located in the Preferred Partner section on our website. True North actively advertises on social media including LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, You Tube, Google, Snapchat and Tik Tok and we will spotlight your product and service. We also place ads in Chiropractic Association Marketplaces, various Chiropractic Colleges in Canada and USA. This comprehensive advertising campaign drives a large number of healthcare practitioners to our website which is currently averaging 500 views per month. Based on our growth we expect over 1000 page views in 2020 per month.

Advertising and Marketing

Corporate Partner logo included in:

· professional True North brochure and handouts
· literature (provided by Partner) would be available and distributed during trade shows
· specific advertising and vendor material (provided by Partner) to be distributed to new graduates during Job Fairs and during exhibitions and trade shows attended by True North

Annual Subscription $9,995 + GST for 12 months

We look forward to partnering with your great company and helping you to expand your reach. Please let us know if you have further questions. We can be reached at 250-486-0062 or via e-mail at

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