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Small details matter – Do them well

When managing a practice small details matter.  Do them well!   Master the processes in your clinic and train your staff on the small nuances to make the level of service better.  Re-train staff at weekly staff meetings so that the fine details are top of mind.  Then on a monthly basis you will see the improved results in your statistics!



‪Doing a locum at Glenmore Chiropractic today. It’s great to help an office where the doctor is away on holiday or because of injury. The learning curve can be steep with new software, forms and techniques but that also benefit me for future locums. ‬


Picking the right staff for your practice is a process.  Once they are hired training on a regular basis and team meeting on weekly basis help to re-enforce the values, procedures and special needs that patients and the clinic may have.  Moving staff around to suit their strengths is best.  If someone is struggling provide extra help for them to give them the best chance at success.  Remember it’s all about the relationships … between you and your patients, you and your staff, and your staff and your patients!


Social Media

We have found social media to be the second best way to get more new patients to grow your practice.  The best way is referrals.   The goal of social media is to educate and share what you are doing with the people in the immediate vicinity of your practice.  When people tell you that your service has met and exceeded their expectations then getting them to leave reviews on Rate MD, Facebook and Google is important.  We want you to be the #1 doctor in your area in your field and social media is the avenue that we use to tell people about you.



Results are exponential with a practice manager

I have found that my results were exponential when I had a practice manager.  Someone to help me focus on my vision and goals and to provide objective feedback to me and my staff.   Most of my career I used a practice manager and when I did I found the results far outweighed the cost of the service.  And I became a better person because of it.


The regular patient visit

The regular patient visit in your clinic is important.  Make sure that you are on top of your game for each and every visits.  Listening to patients is key.  What is different visit to visit?  Record your results in your notes.

Then assess the patient.  Do the treatment.  Give the patient advice so they can help themselves going forward.

You need to have structure to your follow ups so recommend a Care Plan with follow up sessions that are scheduled and clear outcome measures that will be assessed at re-examinations.

Make sure your staff is with you.  They need to care about the patient’s needs, be empathetic and clear with their communication with the patient regarding your fee and the next appointment.

Last if you want to grow your practice you must tell patients that you are accepting new patients and give them 4 cards to pass out to their friends.  For patients that are raving about your clinic give them a card where they can leave a review like Google, Facebook, or Rate MD’s.


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