Core Principles

Every successful practice has Core Principles that result in their success.  At True North we focus on these Core Principles to make change happen from the inside out. A small shift can make a big difference.  The Core Principles we believe in are:

1. Beliefs motivate people to act. Why is the doctor doing what they do?  What is the doctor’s core beliefs?  How do these beliefs translate into the actions steps that change the lives of those that come to your clinic?

2. Communication of your beliefs to your staff and patients are vital to exponential results. People need to know what you are about to experience the benefits of your care and telling others what you are about

3. Staff training and educating patients is how massive change can happen in your practice and your community

4. Growth comes from new patients. And new patients come from referrals and marketing. Referrals are the greatest compliment to a doctor and clinic.  Social media marketing is also a good way to reach people in your community that don’t know about your service.

Dr. Yurkiw is available to help you to improve your practice, act on your dreams and achieve your goals!

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