Core Principles

Every successful practice has Core Principles that result in their success.  At True North we focus on these Core Principles to make change happen from the inside out. A small shift can make a big difference in your practice.  The Core Principles we believe in are:

1. The doctor’s vision and mission needs to be clear, powerful and big enough to make a difference in his or her community.

2. Communication is so important to let people know what your mission and vision is.   Simple but effective ways to communicate with patients and staff lead to better results.

3. Systems are important.   Systems must be updated to provide the best outcome to the patient/ client, efficiency for the staff, and must be reproducible on a daily basis to provide the best outcome to the practice/ clinic.

3. Training is important on a weekly basis in the clinic.  Procedures need to be updated and staff need to be trained to give the best possible care to patients in the community.  We recommend adding training to your weekly staff meeting.

4. Growth comes from new patients. And new patients come from referrals and marketing. Referrals are the greatest compliment to a doctor and clinic and are great if your have an established practice.  But if you are new and need to grow your base social media marketing can be a huge boost to your practice if it is done right

5. Monthly statistics are important to manage a business and must be reviewed regularly.   The most important statistics are new patients, patient visits and collections.   It’s important to look at the Profit and Loss statement to see how revenues are growing and to manage expenses.

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