At True North Practice Management we provide a number of services to help you and your practice get started and grow.

Recruiting / Advertising Package for Associates and Practices for Sale

We do professional searches to find doctors and therapists. Finding the right doctor and therapist is important to build your team. We offer an advertising package for $999 + GST for 12 months. This is includes classified advertising on our website. We aggressively advertise and target market such as Association Marketplaces, College and University websites, as well as Social Media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook Jobs, and Linked In Jobs to attract candidates to our client’s practice opportunities.

Selling or Buying a Practice

We help doctors and therapists to buy and sell practices.    We qualify buyers and help bring deals together to make sure there is good value for both parties and there is a smooth transition entering and exiting practice.


Every doctor and therapist needs a break.   We provide locum services to allow doctors to take time off for a vacation, pregnancy leave, injury, or illness.

Social Media Marketing

We help clinics to market their services with clear and concise message to attract new patients.   We use Instagram, Facebook, Google, Linked In, You Tube and Tik Tok and Rate MD campaigns to increased awareness about your clinic. We can teach you, help you post and manage your clinic marketing or do it for you on a regular basis. Content is important and using the right tools will bring new patients to your clinic.

Practice Coaching

Your clinic may need help getting to the next level of growth.  We have many years of experience setting goals and achieving them in practice. We provide a customized coaching service to help you set goals and overcome obstacles to better serve your community.    We work with doctors, therapists and staff on a weekly basis via phone calls, video conferencing, text and email to take the necessary steps for long term growth.

Clinic Location and Design

You may be just starting out and need help finding a location and designing your clinic.   We look for high traffic areas with great parking when we help clients to start a practice. We can help you plan and design your physical location to best serve the staff, patients, and community.

Preferred Corporate Partners

We work with related businesses in Health Care to deliver the best software, diagnostic, and therapeutic products for practitioners to use for their patients.

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