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At True North Practice Management we help doctors, therapists and staff to improve their clinic and find the best employment in their field.   We believe that everyone has potential and the gifts to be successful.   We help you define your goals, find a bigger mission and vision and then achieve it.   

What makes us different from other consultants is 25 years of practice experience.   Every doctor, therapist and clinic is unique.   We want to celebrate that and promote those qualities because it is what make you and your clinic special!

One of the greatest benefits of a consultant is to share their wisdom with you, help you make a plan, and then take action to achieve better results.   A good consultant will follow up with you on your goals and hold you accountable to achieving the steps required to get to your goals.

We believe that enjoying the journey is important.  We know most doctors and clinics will achieve their goal of better patient care and success in practice.   But will they enjoy the journey?  Will they grow as individuals and be better for it?

If you are ready to take your practice and career to the next level clinic here  to book your initial consultation!

On our first call we want to get to know you and your clinic better.   We will review your goals for 3 months, 1 year and 3 years into the future.   And we will help you to expand your Vision and Mission for your clinic in your community.

If you are a student, new graduate or existing doctor we have a program for you.    We believe that the benefit of our work should more than outweigh the cost of our service  and you should get a return on your investment.

We believe working with us should be a rich and rewarding experience where you will be more happy and healthy in your career and practice.   We want you to be better at what you do and enjoy the experience.

Are you ready for change?  Are you ready to be healthier and happier with your career and practice?

Call us today for your initial consultation at 250-486-0062 or click here to book your Initial Consultation.

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