True North Practice Management helps doctors, therapists, and staff improve their practice and take it to the next level.   We provide Executive Search, Clinic Design, Marketing, Locums, and Consulting services to improve patient care and help clinics succeed.

Every clinic, doctor, therapist and staff member is unique and we celebrate that.  We get to know our clients and identify their Core Values. Then we provide services to help the clinic grow based on their Core Values, Mission and Vision. 

Your clinic may be just getting started and needs a good design and layout, to hire the right people, and then get systems in place to grow.   Marketing is very important to a new clinic via social media, large venues, and in the geographic area.

Your clinic may be at mid cycle where is has grown and is limited by the people working in the clinic and the physical location.    You may need an Executive Search to hire associates to grow.    Then a plan is needed to expand the clinic’s physical location to allow more patients to use your services. You may need to establish or buy satellite clinics to grow. Marketing continues to be important to a clinic mid cycle. Consulting services help to keep doctors and therapists motivated and focused.

Your clinic may be late in the growth cycle and the clinic is looking to hire managing partners and eventually the founding doctors would like to exit the practice and sell their share.   We help by providing classified ads and do Executive Searches to find the best qualified people for your position.

Whatever your need in your clinic we are here to help you by providing the services and support to transition your clinic to the next level. 

We are taking new clients now so call us today at 250-486-0062.



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