What is True North Practice Management?

True North Practice Management

True North Practice Management is a new and innovative practice management company to help you and your practice succeed.  Success comes from within and Dr. Yurkiw, DC has managed and been part of some of the greatest practices in his profession.

Dr. Cary Yurkiw, DC has practiced for over 24 years in multiple clinic settings.   He has done locums and relief work for over 50 clinics.  He has managed his own solo practice,  has grown his practice to include multiple practitioners, administrative staff members and thousands of patients.

Success is in the details.    It starts with the doctor’s mission and vision for their practice, team and community.  Next it takes massive action and energy to make the mission and vision happen.  It’s important to measure and monitor the results regularly to confirm  that the practice is on the right track to achieve goals and be successful and to correct the course if necessary.   Last investing your success wisely back into your practice and into real estate and equities long term will lead to long term growth of your net worth.

A practice manager can really help a clinic by providing outside objective advice on your practice and hold the clinic accountable to changes that need to be made to be successful.  Dr. Yurkiw has used practice management companies over his career and has found that a good practice manager will be worth much more than the fees you pay them.  A good practice manager keeps the practice focused on the right things for success and helps them deal quickly and effectively with the potential pitfalls of practice.

Dr. Yurkiw currently manages his practices in Penticton and Kelowna.  He does locums for high volume practices.  Doing a locum is a great way for Dr. Yurkiw to see your  practice from the inside out and offer his expertise to the clinic to make changes that can help grow the practice.  He does this in the form of a report and then recommendations that he can help the practice with over time.   If a locum is not available Dr. Yurkiw will arrange to meet the clinic on the phone, Skype, or in person to get to know the current office environment and where changes need to be made for success.

If you are interested in a locum click here, a consultation, and subsequent report on your practice please email, text or call us at truenorthpracticemanagement@gmail.com at 250-486-0062.

Are you ready to make a bigger difference in the lives of those around you?  Watch our Introductory video by clicking here.


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