What is True North Practice Management?


True North Practice Management

Dr. Cary Yurkiw, DC started True North Practice Management Inc. to help doctors succeed in practice and life.  Dr. Yurkiw has managed clinics successfully for 25 years. He has many years of practice experience in multiple clinic settings.  He has studied under some of the most successful chiropractors in his industry. He has also done locums for over 50 clinics and has seen over 10,000 patients as a Chiropractor.  

Our goal at True North Practice Management is to teach doctors in their respective fields how to improve their practice and life.   It starts with the Vision and Mission. Once the doctor is clear of the Vision and Mission for their life and practice then goals can be set and steps put in place to start the journey.   

It’s not getting to finish line that matters but enjoying the path to the finish.  At times the doctors may stumble and fall and True North will be there to help you get up and back on the path learning valuable lessons in the process.  

Success involves risk taking to achieve rewards.   Sometimes the doctor needs a nudge and encouragement to start the journey and take on a new direction.  

Accountability is important too.  Setting goals and having someone to hold the doctor and clinic accountable leads to better results.     Dr. Cary has said many times that 1 + 1 = 3 not 2.   When a practice manager is added to a team the benefits can be multiplied.

Dr. Cary has much experience in multiple clinic settings and has achieved many goals over his career.   He is excited about helping you to pursue and achieve your goals. He will add a sprinkle of wisdom to your journey like a dash of salt to help you make better plans, enjoy your journey more fully, learn more about yourself and avoid some common pitfalls along the way.

Contact us today for your initial consultation!  We can be reached at truenorthpracticemanagement@gmail.com and via text/ phone at 250-486-0062.

Are you ready to make a bigger difference with the people around you?  Watch our Introductory video by clicking here.


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