True North Practice Management helps doctors, therapists, and staff take their practice to the next level.   We work with clinics, doctors and staff to find their True North, remove obstacles, and grow their practice by providing better patient care and results in their practice.   

We work in groups and one on one with clients to identify their Vision and Mission.   We expand on the Vision and Mission.  And then we help to implement the changes needed for great results.

We help clinics by recruiting new doctors, therapists and staff as the clinic grows.  This supports the Vision and Mission and we are able to work with the clinic owner(s) to train new staff and streamline procedures to make them more efficient.

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Testimonial from Dr. Yurkiw’s employee of 3 years

Working for Dr. Cary Yurkiw for the past 2-3 years has been a wonderful experience for me. Under Dr. Yurkiw’s direction, I have increased my skills and knowledge as a receptionist and health care assistant. Dr. Yurkiw has been a wealth of knowledge with regards to teaching and mentoring me about chiropractic, health and well-being and how gain success with the patients as well as the clinic.

As an employee of Dr. Yurkiw, I found my job to be enjoyable and without stress due the way Dr. Yurkiw ran his practice. The systems that Dr. Yurkiw had in place were laid out in an organized and straightforward manner making them efficient and easy to follow.  Systems such as scheduling patients with treatment plans, advertising through social media, receiving online reviews, setting goals within the practice and achieving them have been very rewarding for the clinic. With efficient scheduling and hours in the clinic, we have always been able to put the patient first, accommodating their needs and never turned anyone away.  As well, Dr. Yurkiw’s positive attitude within the clinic was very contagious for me and the patients, contributing to a comfortable atmosphere which the patients often commented on. The more successful we have been with the patients and keeping our systems in place, the more the clinic has been able to thrive and grow.

Weekly staff meetings with Dr. Yurkiw have been another important aspect of my job. During this time, we could discuss future plans and ideas for the clinic using a revolving 12-month calendar to schedule upcoming events as well as when we would be away for holidays, etc.  Dr. Yurkiw also used this time to assist me with training in the clinic so that I could continue to learn and grow, therefore I could be more of an assistant for him. Staff meetings have been a great opportunity to address any concerns that there may be in the clinic and Dr. Yurkiw has always been very approachable and easy to discuss these concerns with. I always found that he had a very logical and forthcoming approach to all situations and was always very keen to teach me how to overcome obstacles that I may be struggling with. Dr. Yurkiw has always taken the time to ask my opinion on certain matters and use suggestions that I may offer which has contributed to making me feel like a valued employee.

It has been a pleasure to be employed and mentored by Dr. Yurkiw. I would highly recommend anyone who is looking to improve their practice, requiring assistance with staff or simply needing a fresh and positive outlook for their own personal mission to seek Dr. Yurkiw as their mentor. If given the opportunity, I would happily work for him again!

Tiffany Loeppky

Chiropractic Assistant for Dr. Cary Yurkiw, DC

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