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Dr.Yurkiw, DC, started True North Practice Management Inc. to help doctors and clinics develop skills they need to succeed in modern practice. He has managed numerous clinics successfully for the past 25 years. Dr. Yurkiw has had the opportunity to study under some of the most successful Chiropractors and Practice Managers in the health care industry. Dr.Yurkiw has seen over 10,000 patients in his career and helped many clinics as a locum doctor.


Our goal at True North Practice Management, is to teach Doctors and students strategies to improve their practice management skills in their field of health care. Vision and Mission is important in life and practice and True North will be there to help you gain clarity and expand beyond your perceived limitations. True North Practice Management helps you turn dreams into reality; with step by step processes to guide you toward a successful practice and life in your chosen field of health care.


Dr. Yurkiw has ran many marathons and has learned that it is not about just getting to the finish line.  It is about personal growth, enjoying the process, learning from mistakes and celebrating accomplishments.  This is really what makes doctors and clinics be and feel successful.  At times you may feel you do not have the strength and will to make it to the next step and that is where a practice manager help get you to the next step.


True North Practice Management is here to help you break through those boundaries of resistance to achieve tremendous success.  Along the way obstacles are inevitable but True North will help you to find the best way over those obstacles.  Yes you will be successful in your journey but the lessons learned and the experience to success will be the most valuable.


Success is achieved, not given, and risk must be taken for the reward. True North is the first step to start that journey toward your true purpose.  Dr.Yurkiw created True North Practice Management to help individuals who are passionate in the field of healthcare and want to grow and succeed in their career path.


Contact us today for your initial consultation!  We can be reached at and via text/ phone at 250-486-0062.


Are you ready to make a bigger difference with the people around you?  Watch our Introductory video by clicking here.


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